Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hoh River Project - Field Work 1

Seining at Hoh River Site 1Field work for the Hoh River habitat study has started for 2010. We used beach seines, minnow traps, and hook-and-line methods to capture more than 1,700 fish at the two study sites (974 at the engineered logjam site - Site 1 - and 785 at the riprap site - Site 2). Most of the fish captured were juvenile salmon and trout; however, we also caught other types of fish. Our catch included Chinook salmon, coho salmon, cutthroat trout, rainbow trout (steelhead), Mountain whitefish, dace, and lamprey. A few crayfish were also captured.

Seining at Hoh River Site 1 We implanted PIT tags in 933 fish that were over 65 mm (2.55 inches) in length. The purpose of this tagging is to compare fish survival at the two sites over the next couple of months. We plan to return to the sites in September to conduct a habitat survey, perform a fish survey to look for the fish we just PIT tagged, and determine the total number of fish in both sites.